Commercial Photographer

Jim brings forward the highest-quality production for your brand as a trained and experienced professional commercial photographer. Whether you need an advertising photographer or product photographer, Jim is committed to every detail to ensure that your images are of the highest quality.


Being a lifestyle photographer is one of Jim’s greatest strengths. He is able to bring out life and uniqueness in each of his subjects, creating energetic and engaging photos that tell a story. Jim’s lifestyle photography allows brands to market a story, connect with consumers, and create emotion. From babies to teens, Jim’s lifestyle photography is captivating.


As a tabletop photographer, Jim is meticulous and detail-oriented in his work. From lighting to placement, Jim makes sure that his tabletop photography is perfectly executed, capturing the best and most appealing image for your brand.


Jim’s conceptual photography stands out in a crowd. Being a conceptual photographer is another one of Jim’s strengths. When an idea strikes, Jim does everything he can in order to turn it into a powerful and meaningful photograph. With attention to every detail, his conceptual work is visually compelling with great meaning behind it.


Jim excels as a  product photographer, taking pictures of anything and everything that a brand may want to market. His extensive client list includes Christmas Tree Shops, Cra Z Art, Bed Bath and Beyond, and French’s Foods, to name a few. As a product photographer, Jim leaves no detail unnoticed, and creates impressive photos to bring your brand’s products to life.


In the ever-changing world of commercial photography, it has become apparent that it is important for commercial photographers to immerse themselves into video as well. Jim has embraced this logic and has been shooting video for clients for the past couple of years.  From children  playing with toys to a story on the life of an oyster farmer, Jim has taken his video work to the next level to help clients fulfill their needs.

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